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Plantilla:Infobox Buddhist biography Yuanwu Keqin (圜悟克勤) (Wade-Giles: Yuan Wu K'e Ch'in; Japanese: Engo Kokugon) (1063 - 1135) was the Chinese Chan Buddhist monk who wrote commentaries on the one-hundred koans (kung an) compiled by Xuedou Zhongxian (Wade-Giles:Hsueh Tou Chung Hsien; Japanese: Setcho Juken) (980-1052). The koans and commentaries together are known as Blue Cliff Record (Wade-Giles: Pi Yen Lu; Japanese: Hekiganroku).

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  • J. C. Cleary and Thomas Cleary, Zen Letters: Teachings of Yuanwu. Shambhala Publications (1994).

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Cleary, Thomas & Cleary, J.C. (1977) The Blue Cliff Record, Shambhala Publications, ISBN 0-8773-622-7

Cleary, Thomas (2000) Secrets of the Blue Cliff Record: Zen comments by Hakuin and Tenkei, Shambhala ISBN 1-57062-738-x

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