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The Accounts of Jingkang (Traditional Chinese 靖康稗史箋證) is a series of Chinese books that were written in the Southern Song Dynasty (11271276) by various authors. The books recorded the Fall of Northern Song Dynasty and its aftermath. They are credited to be the one of the most detailing accounts for the Humiliation of Jingkang (Traditional Chinese 靖康之恥) or the Jingkang Incident which took place in 1127.


There are 7 books in the series:

  • Tales of the Green Palace (青宮譯語)
  • Expedition to the South (南征錄彙)
  • Moaning (呻吟語)
  • Accounts in Kaifeng (開封府狀)
  • Tour of Duty to Jin in 1119 - 1125 AD (宣和乙巳奉使金國行程錄)
  • Records of the Song Captives (宋俘記)
  • Tales of a man in bottle (甕中人語)

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