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Category Mineral
Chemical formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2
Color Dark and light blue, turqoise
Cleavage perfect in two directions.
Fracture uneven
Mohs scale hardness 3.5
Luster Dull to vitreous
Streak Blue
Specific gravity approximately 4.1 (rather heavy for a non-metallic mineral)
Optical properties translucent to opaque

Shattuckite is a mineral, a copper silicate hydroxide with formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic - dipyramidal crystal system and usually occurs in a granular massive form and also as fibrous acicular crystals.

Shattuckite is a relatively rare copper silicate mineral. It was first discovered in the copper mines of Bisbee, Arizona, specifically the Shattuck Mine (hence the name). It is a secondary mineral that forms from the alteration of other secondary minerals. At the Shattuck Mine, it forms pseudomorphs after malachite. A pseudomorph is an atom by atom replacement of a crystal structure by another crystal structure, but with little alteration of the outward shape of the original crystal.



Tumbled Shatuckite, ~3 cm (1.18 in) tall.

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