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Myrina (Greek: Μυρίνα), was one of the Aeolian cities on the western coast of Mysia, about 40 stadia to the southwest of Gryneium. [1] Its site is believed to be occupied by the modern Sandarlik at the mouth of the Koca Çay.[2]

It is said to have been founded by one Myrinus before the other Aeolian cities[3], or by the Amazon Myrina[4]. Artaxerxes gave Gryneium and Myrina to Gongylus, an Eretrian, who had been banished from his native city for favoring the interests of Persia.[5]

Myrina was a very strong place[6], though not very large, and had a good harbor. [7] Pliny[8] mentions that it bore the surname of Sebastopolis; while, according to Syncellus, it was also called Smyrna. For some time Myrina was occupied by Philip of Macedon; but the Romans compelled him to evacuate it, and declared the place free.[9] It twice suffered severe earthquakes; first in the reign of Tiberius[10], on which occasion it received a remission of duties on account of the loss it had sustained; and a second time in the reign of Trajan[11]. The town was restored each time, and continued to exist until a late period.[12] Myrina minted coins in antiquity, some of which survive.

Terracotta figurines[]


Famous residents[]

  • Agathias


  • This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography by William Smith (1856).
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