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Li Bai Strolling

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The Sixth Patriarch Cutting Bamboo

Liáng Kǎi (梁楷) (fl. late 12th-early 13th century) was a Chinese artist who studied with, and then excelled, his master, Jia Shigu. In 1210, he was awarded the rank of Painter-in-Attendance at court, but he refused it. Instead, calling himself "Madman Liang", he spent his life drinking and painting. Eventually, he retired and became a Zen monk. Liang is credited with inventing the Zen school of Chinese art. One of his more famous pieces "Budai" a Buddha form wandering through the country-side. The swift, smiling brush stroke composing Budai embodies the Zen Buddhist philosophy of sudden enlightenment.. He is also famous for painting a man named Li Bo who is seen walking on air, or making the path as he walked on the air


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