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Julian Martinez, also known as Pacano, (1879-1943) was a Native American potter. Born on the San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico, Martinez was instrumental in reviving the black San Ildefonzo pottery and Santa Clara blackware pottery traditions.[1] Julian researched traditional designs and reproduced them on the pottery, later modifying traditional designs to create his own. His work is displayed in the Smithsonian American Art Museum[2], as well as numerous other museums and galleries around the world.[3]

Martinez is credited for inventing a revolutionary technique that would allow for areas of the pottery to have a matte finish and other areas to be a glossy jet black.[4] Pacano, which means "The Coming of the Spirits" in the Tewa language, was also a painter in his own right.[5] He painted Pueblo rituals and abstract designs with colored pencil and watercolor, and featured Western figurative types against blank backgrounds.[6]

His wife, Maria, is viewed as a preeminent potter and Native American artist.

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