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Life-size reproduction of a Hummel figurine at the entrance of the Goebel company in Rödental, Germany

Hummel or the trademark M.I. Hummel is a series of ceramic figurines based on the illustrations by the German nun Maria Innocentia Hummel (née Berta Hummel) .


Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel's works were discovered by Franz Goebel after a small publisher began printing her artwork as postcards. Goebel started production of the figurines under the authorization of the convent of Siessen. Although Sister Hummel died in 1946 from tuberculosis, Goebel carried her legacy of her design.

The first Hummel figurines were sold in 1935. The early figurines were all based on the drawings and paintings of children by Sister Hummel and much of the art was done in the 1930s.

In addition to figurines of children, there are figurines of saints—a stylistic departure from the figurines of playful children. There are also figurines that depict cartoon characters like Bart Simpson and Snoopy.

Goebel announced on June 18, 2008 that the Hummel line was to be discontinued[1] and production ceased as of October 2008. However, on February 9, 2009, it was announced that Manufaktur Rodental GmbH, planned to resume M.I. Hummel production in February 2009. Rodental, a newly founded company by investors, initially planned to start with around 30 employees.[2]


At the Goebel company, Hummel figurines are made out of porcelain. The body is biscuit fired, dipped in glaze, and painted using oil and turpentine based colors which contain metallic oxides as pigments before another firing.


On the television series Glee, the character "Kurt Hummel" is named for the apple-cheeked Hummel figurines.[citation needed]

In the television series Gilmore Girls, a Hummel Collection of Kyle's mother is broken during the fight between Dean and Jess (season 3, episode 20).

A particular Hummel figurine is frequently used in a Internet video series called "Ask that Guy with the Glasses."

In the 2004 comedy film Team America: World Police, Kim Jong-il can be seen walking past his collection of Hummel figurines when he sings "I'm So Ronery."


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