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Zhao Kuo
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Reign 1194–1224
Predecessor Emperor Guangzong
Successor Emperor Lizong
Spouse Empress Gongsui 恭淑皇后
Empress Gongshen 恭聖皇后
Full name
Family name: Zhao 趙
Given name: Kuo 擴
Posthumous name
Emperor Fatian Bidao Chunde Maogong Renwen Zhewu Shenrui Gongxiao 法天備道純德茂功仁文哲武聖睿恭孝皇帝
Temple name
Ningzong 寧宗
Father Emperor Guangzong of Song
Born 1168
Died 1224 (aged 56)

Emperor Ningzong 寧宗 (1168–1224) was the 13th emperor of the Song dynasty who reigned from 1194 to 1224. His temple name means "Tranquil Ancestor". His reign was noted for the cultural and intellectual achievements. In particular, Zhu Xi wrote some of his most famous works during this period.

On the political side however, Emperor Ningzong saw his government being plagued by rising inflation that threatened the economy and the military advances by the Jurchen people from the north. In 1279, Khubilai Khan established the Yuan dynasty, an empire that would in less than sixty years after Ningzong's death eliminate the whole of Southern Song dynasty and bring all of China under Mongol domination.

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Emperor Ningzong of Song
Born: 1168 Died: 1224
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