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Adelaide Alsop Robineau
Art Academy of People's University
Adelaide and others at the Art Academy of People's University (now the Lewis Center) in University City, Missouri in 1910, celebrating the opening of a new kiln there. (Adelaide fourth from left)
Nationality American
Field studio pottery

Adelaine Alsop Robineau (1865-1929) was an American painter and potter from Syracuse, New York. She was one of the most important ceramists of her generation and one of the few women in the late 19th and early 20th century American Arts and Craft Movement to make her pots "from clay to finish" instead of merely painting the surface. As a young woman Adelaide became interested in the popular pursuit of china painting. She married Samuel E. Robineau of France in 1899, and in that year the couple launched Keramic Studio, a pioneering periodical for ceramic artists and potters. Adelaide became interested in hand-crafting ceramics and in pursuit of advanced knowledge, spent some time under Charles Binns at Alfred University. She was on the staff of the art academy of People's University, an institution founded by Edward Gardner Lewis in Missouri. The photo shows her in 1910 the year she made her most famous pot "The Scarab Vase", which won international recognition.[1]


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Adelaide also taught ceramics at Syracuse University from 1920-1929.


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